105% Best Price Guarantee

Our best price guarantee is very simple and very straightforward.

We are very confident in our prices and our service and we are also aware that smart consumers always shop around first. So here is a challenge for you – go ahead and get as many offers as you can from one of the local gold buyers, find the best offer and bring it to us and we will beat it by 5% – guaranteed! For example, if the best offer for your gold and silver jewelry is $1000 – we will pay you $1050 !!!

*Must be current offer within last 3 days from a recognized Ottawa area gold buyer. Price will be verified on the advertiser’s website or by phone at the time of transaction. This offer is only valid on gold and silver jewelry without stones. Offer not valid on gold and silver bullion and other gold and silver coins. Prices subject to verification of your offer and of your items. If another buyer made a mistake identifying your jewelry, this offer would be void. For example, although this happens very rarely but it is possible that another buyer misidentified your item as being gold when in fact it is merely gold plated, we will not beat or even make you an offer. We will also not beat or consider fraudulent offers.