Guide for Buying Used Estate Jewelry

Many people are wondering what are the benefits for buying second hand jewelry and the truth is that the answer is very simple – you will save thousands of dollars when you chose to buy used!

It is a well known fact that most of the gold in use today in jewelry and in investment bullion has been recycled for centuries so in essence, most of the gold jewelry today is being made from recycled gold anyway. Diamond merchants and wholesalers constantly purchase diamonds from second hand dealers and sell them back to big box chains so even the diamond you buy “new” could potentially be “used” and you would never know! Precious metals such as gold, platinum and silver can be polished and restored to a brand new condition with very little effort. Unlike cars or electronics or clothes, gold jewelry does not have mileage, doesn’t become out of fashion or outdated, and doesn’t become obsolete like a TV or a computer. A diamond wedding band or a diamond solitaire ring was popular 100 years ago, still popular today and will most likely be the engagement choice to give for years to come!

Big box retail stores that you will find in the malls pay tens of thousands in rent every month and have probably commissioned employees dying to make a buck from unsuspecting customer. These retailers don’t ever want you to know that the average mark up on gold and diamond jewelry at a big box retail chain is nearly 10x (1000%) the wholesale value! This is how they can get away with having outrageous sales like 70% off ALL THE TIME and still make tonnes of money! Most estate jewelers mark up their inventory by as little as 50%. It makes perfect sense to buy used and she will never know or care where you got that perfect certified diamond!

If you are looking for great deals on estate jewelry, check out our online inventory for great quality, completely refurbished gold and diamond jewelry at unbeatable prices and you won’t be disappointed shopping with us! We are BBB accredited business with over 45 years of experience in jewelry field.


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