Tips about buying jewelry

If you are planning to buy jewellery, you must have knowledge about different metals which are used to prepare jewellery. You should also have knowledge about the purity of gold and other metals, other metals in fashion and gem stones. Read on to know some tips for buying jewellery.
Women all over the world love to buy jewellery. Jewellery can be made from a variety of materials like gold, silver, platinum and even glass. Then there are precious gems like diamond, pearl and a wide variety of stones. While purchasing jewellery, one can go for the standard designs or the custom-made exclusive varieties that are hugely popular with certain people.
Since jewellery is believed to be a standard statement made by a woman, there are a lot of factors that influence the type of jewellery, one decides to purchase. More so, since very often, it is a serious investment.

Knowledge of Purity of Gold

For many, gold is most preferred option while buying jewellery. There are many reasons behind this aside from gold being a valuable precious metal. Gold is the only metal known that does not tarnish, fade or corrode, it melts at relatively low temperature and is easy to work with. This is also because it is the most common material as well. Designers and jewellery lovers have loved the yellow lustre of this material and the ease with which it can be moulded into a variety of shapes.
Pure gold is generally not used to make jewelleries, and some amount of copper or silver is always mixed with it to enhance its strength and durability. While buying gold jewellery, you need to know that gold is measured in carats and gold which is 100% pure is termed as 24 carat. When the gold is 75% pure, it is known as 18 carat and when it is 58% pure, it is called 14 carat. You can figure out the gold content of any jewellery by dividing the carat value by 24; ex. 10k is 10 ÷ 24 = 0.416 which means that 10 carat gold contains 41.6% pure gold and so on.

Buying Platinum Jewellery

Platinum is also emerging as a popular choice with jewellery lovers. It is quite expensive as it is rarer than gold. It is 35 times rarer in comparison to gold. One can opt for some excellent and exclusive platinum jewellery as there is no chance of your precious set tarnishing or fading with time.

Buying Jewellery according to Outfit

A lot of women prefer exclusive jewellery that can be mixed and matched with their dresses and mood and the occasion. These are mostly non-conventional designs that the wearer can choose according to his or her personality. People generally love them to be exotic, mysterious and highly individualistic. These are actually the tips for buying exclusive jewellery. They must also be a display of extra-ordinary or superior craftsmanship.
The buyer also needs to check that it is not over-priced. You can have your exclusive jewellery styled in contemporary fashion or opt for a period design of your choice. You can have endless choices like – the Asian, Belgian, Edwardian, Georgian, Indian, Italian or Victorian, to name a few.

Knowledge of Precious and Semi-Precious Stones

Buyers are also advised to have a moderate knowledge or precious and semi-precious stones while buying exclusive jewellery. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend as we all know, and you can read my detail report as to how to pick the right diamond for you in one of my previous posts. Among other interesting stones is amber, it is obtained from the sticky resins that come from the age-old pine trees. Emerald is a green gem-stone and is basically a mineral deposit. Jade is believed to be the hardest of gems and can be carved in variety of shapes and is of two types, Jadeite and Nephrite. Onyx is often black and Lapis Lazuli is usually blue. Pearls can come from the freshwater oysters, or be cultured. You need to learn the difference between the two. Almost 95% of the pearls that are currently available in the market are of the cultured variety.

I hope this article makes you a more knowledgeable jewellery shopper because as we all know knowledge is power!!!
If you would like to know more about a particular stone or have any other questions, please don’t be shy and post a comment and we will be happy to help.

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